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Track Name: Blonde Vision - perfect version
I will try to be a perfect version of myself for Halloween
And if it feels nice, maybe I will stay that way forever

Take out all the trash, call my parents back, go to work; it's not so bad
Pay my bills on time, sign on dotted line, change everything all at once

Now that I am changed, what has stayed the same? What have I done? Who have I become?
Track Name: Ronan Delisle - Erbarm dich mein, o Herre Gott (BWV 721)
Have mercy on me, Lord my God,
Of kindness Thou hast ever more,
Cleanse my offenses with Thy blood,
I own my sin, it grieves me sore.
I’ve sinned against Thy whole command,
This truth confronts me constantly;
Before Thee evil cannot stand,
And Thou art just to punish me.

2. Behold, Lord, I was born in sin,
In sin conceived with great distress,
Truth Thou desirest deep within,
Lay bare Thy wisdom’s graciousness.
With hyssop, Lord, asperge my flesh,
If washed by Thee, then I am pure,
More white than snow, more glad and fresh,
My bones rejoice to find their cure.

3. O Lord, view not my sin obscene;
Remove all my unrighteousness,
And make my heart within me clean,
A spirit new within me dress.
From out Thy presence cast me not,
Thy Holy Ghost do not decline,
Salvation’s joy, O Lord, allot,
And let the Spirit keep me Thine.

4. I’ll teach ungodly men Thy way,
Thy truth by sinners will be learn’d,
That from the wicked paths that stray
To Thee, by Thee, they may be turn’d,
Protect me, Savior, God alone,
From guilt of blood deliver me!
Thy justice let my tongue make known,
Unlock my lips to worship Thee.

5. Thou wouldst no fleshly gift from me
Else had I quickly given it:
So take this spirit crushed to Thee,
This sad and contrite heart admit.
Do not, O God, this gift reject,
But show Thy kindness graciously
To Zion’s hill, Thy saints elect,
Who offer righteousness to Thee.
Track Name: Baby Jessica - Get Outta This House
don't you have something better to do
than hang around and wait for us to haunt you
cuz the moon is full and the night is young
and we're all ready for fiendish fun

cuz the organ's turned up
and we're treating to tricks

so get outta this house
get outta this house tonight (x2)

we've been trapped all year in attics and cracks
and we think it's our turn to take a whack
at a party for ghosts, but don't RSVP
cuz this dance is ghouls only, baby

when sticking around
isn't worth the risk

get outta this house
get outta this house tonight

get outta this house
get outta this house tonight (x4)
Track Name: Lady the Beard - The Ninja Costume of Yesterday Inside You
Going back to your house
You think it's fine but I want to leave
I needed warmth
I needed friendship
I needed paper bags
I need to clean this off

The things I said I want
I need them more now
I need a ball
I need friendship
I need to see my dad
I need to get good grades
I need to run outside
I need to leave my house
I need to call you back
I need a ride home
I need to feel love
I need a charger
I need to play with my dog
I need to get a job
I need to pay my bills
I need to cook more
I need to <3.....